Types Of Earth Movers And Its Specific Uses

Earth mover is one of the most important equipment which is used for construction purposes. Regardless of the type of construction, these heavy duty machines are used for moving earth, pushing materials, digging and leveling earth. There are various types of machines which are used for these purposes such as excavators, graders, bull dozers and backhoes.

Road Rollers: This heavy duty machine is basically used to compact gravel, concrete and soil for construction purposes. These machines compress the surface on which it is rolled.

Bulldozer: This is one of the most versatile earth movers which can perform various functions. It is designed specifically to pull heavy loads, push huge amount of materials and so forth. These heavy duty machines have front blades which operate hydraulically. It can be used to pull large trailers and other implements effortlessly. It can also push earth, trees, rocks and bushes. These devices are used largely in Movimiento de Tierra Construccion fields as it is quite efficient.

Excavator: Another important device used to move earth is the excavator. It can easily excavate loads of materials such as timber, earth, rocks and trash quite easily. It also includes a bucket which can be swapped with a different type of devices.

Backhoe: This heavy duty machine is a perfect combination of excavator and a front loader machine. The machine includes a bucket which is installed at the front of the device. The excavation unit is installed at the back of the machine and it includes a bucket and an articulating bucket. The operator can easily dig the earth and remove the debris to another locality with less effort and ease. It is one of the most versatile earth-mover machines.

Crane: This versatile machinery is used to lift the materials easily. The machine is attached to a bucket which can be used to remove heavy items from a location. This machine is basically used to move waste, debris and construction materials from one place to another.

Pile Driver: Another heavy duty machine which is used for construction purposes include the pile driver. It drives deep into the soil and helps to create strong foundations for buildings.

Grapple: Heavy duty machines also include grapple which has a hook or a claw that can easily hold onto the materials quite easily. It can be easily attached to heavy duty machines and used for construction purposes.

Graders: These machineries are quite essential during the process of construction as it helps to flatten the surfaces of the earth when it is excavated. The graders are used to flatten the surfaces of the earth so as to reshape it.


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