Types of Wallets For Men and Women

Wallets are adored by both men and women. Well, where else can you keep your cash, checkbook, and cards? These things are very useful. They can also serve as accessories. They go from classic to modern. These days, you will find assorted types of wallets that are made for men and women. Some pieces are exclusively designed for men or women, but there are also others that can be used by both genders. The types of wallets available today are so vast. Designers keep on designing new styles for celebrity wallets. New materials are also being discovered and used for these things. So, you can use a particular wallet for a certain occasion.

Leather bifold wallets are perhaps the most popular types of wallets. They are the ones that you fold in half. They are not very bulky and they are very easy to store. These items are classic and quite expensive. Typically, they have special compartments for cash, some IDs, and credit cards. Some versions even have a place for photos. Also, they usually have pockets for coins. Nonetheless, there are also trifold wallets. Well, these types of wallets are the ones are just like billfolds except that they are folded twice. They are also easy to store and offer more room for money, photos, cards, and checkbooks. They are bulkier than bifolds, though; but they are ideal for individuals who always carry plenty of things.

Then, there are also coat wallets. These types of wallets are also known as breast pocket wallets or billfolds. They are long and thin. They are perfect for businessmen who wear coats or suits all the time. Not like bifolds and trifolds, these holders store the money flat. They do not have compartments for coins. Clutch wallets, on the other hand, are designed for women. These types of wallets can be carried along in place of bags. They are stylish and they can hold a lot of things. They are very similar to clutches except that they have additional features such as ID slots and credit card compartments.

In addition, there are chain wallets. These types of wallets were first used by bikers and are now popular, especially among teenagers. They are basically wallets that include chains to be attached to the pants. The chains prevent them from getting lost or stolen by pickpockets. Furthermore, there are travel wallets. Obviously, these ones are ideal for travelers. These types of wallets are similar to regular leather wallets except that they offer more security. They are not easily stolen by thieves. They also have more compartments which make them helpful in organizing the things you need for travelling such as passports, documents, airline tickets, checkbooks, credit cards, and IDs.


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