Work Yoga Into Your Weight Routine For Better Muscle Health

Turn on a television, listen to the radio, read a newspaper or scan the daily news on your computer and you will be blasted with the hot item in American politics today. Health care. Health care reform. Nationalized health care. Call it whatever you wish, but if the government has control of our health, you darned well better start taking care of yourself.

So shove your plump self back from that dining table and choose your health weapons. Diet we can tackle later so now is the time to decide how you are going to burn off those excess accumulated pounds. Since fitness centers abound in all cities across the country the likely choice is weight training. The goal here is health, not bodybuilding, not strong man competition, so you should develop a training schedule that allows a decrease in body fat while stacking on a bit of calorie burning muscle mass.

Whether you are experienced in this muscle game, or brand new, it is best to get a bit of preliminary instruction from someone with proper certifications to help set your schedule up. Curls, bench presses, overhead presses and bench presses. These are all nasty words after a blistering forty-five minute workout. And if you do not feel that muscle “burn” then just wait until the next morning! That is when you will really want the government to take care of your health!

The adage for Transformation exercise as self abuse is “No Pain, No Gain”. This used to mean that if you are not hurting then you are not making any headway towards your goal. However, if you did get some professional help at the starting gate, you should have been taught that a proper warm-up is very instrumental for success. Get those old muscles, ligaments and tendons all nice and loose so there is no major damage when you grab hold of those weight platters. Stretch, jumping jacks, knee bends and toe touches. All of these are the old school methods for getting ready for muscle exertion.

Well, there is a new game in town! Yoga! Usually when Yoga is mentioned a mental picture of a bearded guru sitting cross-legged on a mountain top chanting endless mantras come to mind. This is not the Yoga we are talking about. Learning the poses and positions of Yoga today will give you much of the needed warm-ups necessary for weight training, as well

Need help with your squats? Perhaps you wobble as you descend and then just cannot get started backup to a standing position? Practice Yoga and you will improve your balance daily. Improve your balance and those squats become easier and easier. Blame this success on Yoga!

How about those tight and tense muscles you go home with. Your biceps and “glutes” feel like someone swatted you with a baseball bat and you cannot shake that feeling. This frequently results from overworking muscles, from lifting until they are tied in knots. Once again Yoga to the rescue. Many positions work with prolonged stretching exercises. And when you stretch, the position is held while you learn to control your breathing. All of this helps develop muscle systems that are not only increasing in strength, but can stay limber and flexible. Additional benefit here is that your body will be less prone to injuries.

So keep the national health insurance reforms out of your life. Stay away from those pizza parlors and visit the gym instead. While in the gym, integrate Yoga into your daily workouts. Your gain will be flexibility as you gain muscle mass. Your gain will be less pain as you increase you ability to burn those calories from your midriff! Your gain will be an increased feeling of well being and a much higher energy level. Seems to be a winner all around, right?

There are many variations of Yoga and many ways to practice each of them. Just as anything you participate in during your lifetime this must be a personal choice. The only truth that we all share is that the longer we neglect out bodies then the shorter we will be alive.


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